We walk to Woodland Park every day (unless it’s raining heavily) where the children have free time, snack and the Inspiring Artists present. Once or twice a week, we will be visiting the rose garden at the zoo so that children can practice their breathing and enjoy the beautiful roses.


Lion breath!IMG_4954

Every day, the camp leader will teach the children a new kind of breath. Some breaths are energizing, like Lion breath, which stretch your facial muscles and is very silly. Some are relaxing, like Flower breath. These breathing exercises are great for children because they allow freedom of movement and a healthy, creative way to release energy, or settle down.



Every day is filled with fun activities, and one of the most enjoyed is Arts and Crafts. “Typical” crafts include: Pinwheels, Mandalas, Body tracing.


On our walk to and from the park, one child will lead us with the drum. We can practice listening to the beat and make movements that go along with the drummer’s beat. Drumming is also a great way to capture children’s attention without talking over them.


To familiarize the children with the leaders and each other, we will play a few name games the first couple days. Throughout the day, we will play different games that incorporate lots of movement. Christi Cruz, one of our Inspiring Artists, uses a game to teach the children how to work together, or else the game won’t work. She also has an expression game where the kids can make up funny expressions and run around in the park.

Inspiring Artists

We use inspiring artists to motivate the children and explore different arts. The artists present for an hour at the park, which ranges from arts and crafts and dancing to cooking and music. Inspiring artists offer a perfect balance of capturing the children’s attention through their performance and engaging the children in an activity of their own. Children are able to use their focusing skills and then switch gears to be active and attentive. Have something creative to share? Apply here to be an Inspiring Artist!

Food Exploration

Mixing it up!IMG_4959

We encourage the children to try new things, and food is a great place to start. Kids are more likely to try things if they help make them. At Camp Sprouting Spirits we have a Smoothie Bar, where they can choose what to put in. We also make a salad every week!

Story Telling

Johann relaxing

Every day we will have a stationary, meditative adventure (time-in). The camp leader starts an imaginative story while the children are in resting pose. As she continues on, the children can start to visualize what she is saying. This allows children to have some relaxation time after a full day of activities. The beauty of meditative story telling is that every child will have his or her own picture of what is going on! This allows the children to relax

Yoga & Mindfulness

Safra was a tree!

Yoga is great for balance, inside and out! Children are able to strengthen their bodies, while being creative by making up new poses. It’s a non-competitive way to be creative and stretch. We will practice yoga throughout the day and teach children some fun poses.



At Camp Sprouting Spirits, we sing a lot! Here are some of the songs that we will sing. Please contact the Camp Director here for audio/video and permission to use.

The Happiness Song

May I be happy, may I be free.
May I live in peace and harmony.
I am sending you these wishes.
I send this love to you.
This is my final message
Before this day is through.
May we all be happy, may we all be free.
May we all live in peace and harmony.
I am sending you these wishes.
I send this love to you.
This is my final message
Before this day is through.

The Wiggle Song

I can wiggle up high,
and I can wiggle down low,
but if I wiggle too close just say
“no, no, no, you’re in my personal space.”
I feel my energy running out of me
I want to share it with you
“No, no, no. Find your own space.”
Put on your listening ears
Let go of your fears and
Let’s concentrate!
**The wiggle song is great to sing if the children are getting restless or need a gentle reminder to respect personal space. It gets them up, moving and engaged. Lucianne Hackbert, PhD., wrote this song.**

Three deep breaths song

Breathing in from my head to my toes
Breath comes in and out through my nose
I take three deep breaths (x3, taking a big breath after each time)
When I’m feeling sad and alone
I go inside to find a place feels like home
I take three deep breaths (x3, taking a big breath after each time)
I’m so mad I might blow my stack
Don’t want to do something I might have to take back
I take three deep breaths (x3, taking a big breath after each time)
Now I’m feeling peaceful inside
My awareness is open and wide
Thanks to three deep breaths
**Lucianne Hackbert, Ph.D., wrote this song for her children and has used it at her camp. We are very excited to use her songs!**

I walk in beauty

I walk with beauty behind me
I walk with beauty beside me
I walk with beauty all around me
When I walk this beauty way.
May all my actions be beautiful.
May all my words be beautiful.
May all my words and actions be beautiful.
When I walk this beauty way.
**This is a Native American chant that we often sing on the walk to the park, with one child drumming.**

Tick Tock

Tick tock
Tick tock
Back and forth
Sway and rock
Tick tock
Tick tock
Find my center
Now we stop

Happiness Flows

Happiness flows in a circular motion
Floating like a little boat upon the seat
Everybody is a part of everything anyway
You can be happy if you let yourself be
Happiness flows, happiness flows, happiness flows if you let yourself be!

We’re Thankful for Camp

We thank each other for camp today community (x2)
For I see the light in you, and you see the light in me
We thank each other for camp today community (clap on each syllable of community)
**We will sing this song at the end of each day**